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Software Engineer - Machine Learning

Corporate - Tech
Job Description
Designing and developing production-ready solutions based on Machine Learning and Computer Vision. -Automating collection, cleaning, annotation and monitoring of data and predictions for Machine Learning. -Establish and maintain Machine Learning best practices throughout the project -Inspire and guide junior developers to write clean, fast, reliable, testable, highly scalable, production -ready Python code-Skills:---B.Sc in Computer Science or Data Science or Machine Learning or similar -1. Proven experience developing Machine Learning systems -2. Expertise in at least one Machine Learning framework like PyTorch, PyTorch Lightning, TensorFlow, Keras -3. Mathematical understanding and intuition of Computer Vision techniques, concepts and architectures -4. Familiarity with Python packages: NumPy, Pandas, Flask, Conda -5. Experience training, serving and monitoring cloud-native ML systems with tools like Docker , Kubernetes -6. Knowledge of DevOps and MLOps best practices for production Machine Learning systems -7. [optional] Experience architecting Machine Learning systems

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