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Sr.Engineer (PPC)

TRC Ops - Operations
Job Description
Production Planning and Control Engineer
Roles and Responsibilities of PPC Engineer
l Plan production control activities to improve runtime while maintaining high quality, timely delivery and cost-effectiveness.
  •  Work with materials department in material planning and analysis to reduce inventory level.
  •  Plan, schedule and monitor material movement in production cycle to ensure continuous operations.
  •  Track material shortages and provide immediate resolution.
  •  Assist purchasing unit in coordinating and planning supplier deliveries.
  •  Identify new suppliers and manage existing suppliers to meet production needs.
  •  Monitor inventory status and generate inventory reports to Production Manager.
  •  Perform inventory management according to company policies.
  • Assist Sales unit in coordinating and planning customer orders and deliveries.
  •  Identify delivery exception and provide alternative solutions.
  • Generate reports on production shortages and sales impact to Factor Manager for analysis.
  •  Address customer queries and concerns in a timely fashion.
  • Develop process improvements for inventory, manufacturing and production control systems.
  • Evaluate production control activities to ensure that final product meets customer specifications.
  •  Plan equipment, material and manpower requirements to meet production schedule.
  • Required Key skills- SQL, Advance excel, any data visualization tools(good to have)

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